Barcelona Experience and Warnings

Warnings for Barcelona visitors:

“La Rambla” problem. Black african street prostitutes are agressive with male tourist and you will get 100 % robbed if they come close to you.They will steal your money and mobile phone, or everything you have in your pockets. Be very careful and avoid contact with them.The same thing with some romanian prostitutes on the Rambla street.

BEWARE OF TAXI DRIVERS! : Taxi drivers scam is a big problem in Barcelona- they “work” together  with clubs receiving comission to bring tourist in the club. Some taxi drivers in Barcelona will try to take you to night clubs where they charge extortionate prices to tourists and illegal methods used to defraud customers. Be very careful with these taxi drivers. If you go to an independent escort girl apartment, when getting into a taxi and the driver wants to take you to another place, DO NOT ACCESS, you are in danger. Insist to go where you want, tell them that you have a meeting  and be firm. 

Personal visitor experience story: La Rambla at night is a particularly daunting place to be, intimidating with a sense of impending bag snatch. I’m back in Holland from 8 days of Barcelona. I went to Jamboree for 5 nights, which is located at Placa Real, and every night you had to push the hookers away. The police in Barcelona is a joke. They don’t do anything against this pickpocketing hookers. Don’t get me wrong, besides of the pickpocketing and the annoying hookers, I really love Barcelona. But the hookers and the pickpockets are a major problem.Pick pocketing is an endemic problem in Barcelona and you struggle to enjoy yourself at times knowing that you have to be on constant alert. Within the street’s bustling atmosphere, vendors will approach you, offering various drugs or products—products recently purchased at the local Spar which have since falling into their hands doubled in price. My personal favourite was, ‘Hashish, cocaine, Fanta limon?’ Go in with the class B, go up to A and take the edge off with a citrus soft drink.

Where in the centre of La Rambla you have the small time entrepreneurs, the edges of the street are lined with hookers and pimps. A pimp restlessly paces up and down, hurrying his troupe to latch onto the passing tourists and drag them into the dimly lit alleyways and streets. To see girls turning tricks in such a blatant and overt manner was compelling and horrifying in equal measures.

These women clearly don’t want to be doing this job, it’s purely for survival and I in a certain way was making light of this by knowing full well I wouldn’t be taking up any of their services but openly engaging in a discussion about what was on offer and how much it would be. But I had been drinking most of the evening and this feeling of toying with emotion regrettably dissipated and I went about my task.

After a few look up and downs and some hesitation, I felt a tugging on my shirt sleeve. I turned to find a petite African lady, ‘How long are you here for?’ she says, ‘A couple of days’, ‘Where are you from?’ ‘England.’ ‘How about I give you the best blowjob of your life?’ So we’d fast tracked from nationality to oral.

She began to pull me towards a dark spot, an alley at the side of La Rambla. I attempted to resist but she was incredibly powerful, massive upper body strength brought on no doubt by her aggressive hand job skills. ‘Come on it will be great. You’ll like it, just wait and see’ she was becoming particularly heavy handed by this point and I was worried whether I would have to slap her. I ended up with my arms and legs wrapped around a lamppost crying at her, ‘I’m really sorry but I just don’t find you attractive, please leave me be.’

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