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Nice (France) Escort Advisor by “Paris Girls” helps visitors to find escort girls, cheap sex providers in Nice, information about prostitution , hookers, brothels, erotic massage parlours and escort agencies in Nice.

Nice is no more dangerous than other cities in western countries – indeed in many cases it’s a lot safer – however, you can stay more safe still following a few pieces of advice:

  • Take precautions against pickpockets, who are a constant and serious problem on the Cote d’Azur. They operate usually in teams in any crowded areas like buses, train stations, and tourist sites. Be vigilant at the tram station Gare Thiers where pickpockets prey on travel-weary tourists. They may well look harmless fellow passengers but are extremely skilled and will lift your wallet from either your front or back pants pocket without your noticing. You are strongly advised not to carry anything valuable or annoying to replace in your pockets. Use pouches underneath your clothing for anything valuable, including cash. In restaurants and cafes opportunist theft of handbags is a constant risk – keep them close at hand.
  • Do not go to the sea front at night after 22:00 unless you are a group of at least 5. It’s a dangerous area and you are likely to get in trouble.

If you do fall foul of Nice’s criminal practitioners, the National Police Station is where you need to go to report problems such as being pickpocketed. It’s at the junction of Ave Marechal Foch and Dubouchage, a couple of hundred metres east of the Nice Etoiles shopping centre. They will supply you with the necessary statements to support insurance claims, but don’t expect Inspector Clouseau to solve your case. You will find the station very busy with other victims towards the end of the evening.

It is not legal to have bordellos, pick’up bars, erotic massage parlors or any other public places that offer paid sex in France. Paid sex can be offered outside with street action, in a private apartments or at your hotel with an escort, but not in a public place. Nice is also quite near to Monaco and hooker prices in Nice are much much cheaper than in Monaco and this is the reason why many Nice escorts take work trips to Monaco.

Under the new provision, buying sex acts in France will be punishable by a 1,500 euro fine. Repeat offenders risk a fine of 3,750 euros. The provision is part of a larger bill on prostitution.

Studies from 2003 estimated that about 15,000 – 20,000 girls work as prostitutes in France. In 2010, the number of full-time male and female sex workers was estimated at 20,000 – 30,000, with 80 to 90% being foreigners. Most of the sex workers come from Bulgaria, Romania, Nigeria,Cameroon, China and South America.

In 2004, the average earnings of a French sex worker were estimated at €500 a day. For Sub-Saharian sex workers living in France, it was less, around €200–300. Some barely made €50–150 a week.

There is usually girls from China and Thailand offering massage at the beaches. The massage they offer looks like the real deal and normally they give you the massage on the beach for 20-30€ for half an hour. Some of these masseuse girls are usually willing to massage you at the hotel for 30-40€ for 30 minutes an in your hotel room most of them are willing to do extra services like 30-50€ masturbation or 50-100€ blow-job or even sex. Just make sure you negotiate with them discreetly, because not all of them are prostitutes.

There are also escorts in Nice, who provide Happy Ending packages, which usually includes a one hour erotic massage and a hand relief. Price of these type of services often go 150€ and up.

Red Light Districts

In Nice, the following areas are considered as red-light districts. There are no prostitutes standing behind the windows, like you may see in red light areas in Germany or Netherlands. Sex workers are standing on the side of the road or walking back and fort in sexy outfits and most guys pick up them by cars.

  • Promenade des Anglais and nearby areas around the airport.
  • Area around Avenue Jean Medecin and Bvd Victor Hugo.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

There is quite good prostitution scene in Nice and while the amount of street prostitutes is in decline, more girls are working as an escorts. Most escorts work independently, but there are still escort girls who for the escort agency. Asian sex workers can usually be found from the Chinese and Thai massage salons. Some of the gentlemen´s and strip clubs have take-out girls.

These phrases are Important things to know in Nice, because most girls do not speak any English.

BJ = Une Pipe ou une fellatio
BBBJ = Une Pipe sans capote or une pipe sans preservatif (not recommended)
HJ = une branlette or avec la main
FS with different positions = l’amour avec differentes positions
FS = l’amour
Doggy Style = en levrette
DATY = manger la chatte
CIM = venir dans la bouche or jouir dans la bouche
How much = combien
Too much = trop cher
In the car = dans la voiture
To my hotel = à mon hotel
Back entrance = derrière
Half Half = la pipe et l’amour

Street Hookers– There are lots of street walkers in Nice, mostly from poor European countries such as Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania and Russia. You should be careful with them because pickpocketing is very common among them. Most street prostitutes do not speak any english and the second language they know is often French. Negotiating the price can be difficult with them sometimes, but so you should try to use the common sign language.Most of the time the price you agree with the street level sex worker is for one shot only. But if you decide to buy a whore for one hour or all-night, you should always have enough condoms or make sure that the hooker has enough condoms. It is a well known ripoff done by the whores to tell you, they do not have any more condoms after you ejaculate the first time. This way they will get things done quicker because some customers do not carry their own condoms either.

Where to find Street Prostitutes in Nice, France

  • Promenade des Anglais with a concentration near the airport.
Mixture of street whores from Eastern Europe, Africa and South America. Most of the working girls in the are are average or good looking, but there are some ugly girls also in the pack and also transsexual prostitutes. Without a car, it is not so easy to pick up a street hooker from here, unless hotel is nearby. But if you are lucky, the prostitute you like has a car. She can suck your cock in her car, drive to your hotel or to her place if she has one. If not, you can always take a taxi.
Some of the street girls are also willing to do a blow-job or have sex in the alley. In the alley or in your car, the price is most commonly 30€ for a BJ or 50€ for sex. For going to the hotel with the prostitute, the price is a little more like 50 to 100€. This is understandable because it takes much more girls time to travel and so on.
  • Streets around the Negresco
Also a good place to spot some streetwalkers.
  • Rue de France
Mostly Eastern European street sex workers from Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. Many of the girls are very young and beautiful. Prices ranges from 50-70€ for “l’amour” and 30-40€ for “la pipe” (blowjob). You can always negotiate with the girls, but these are the most common sex prices in the area.
  • Area on Avenue George Medicin near the Notre Dame.
In the corners of these little street like Rue de Paris etc, you can find mostly black sex workers from African countries and some Arabic girls from North Africa. Sometimes girls can be very hot and sometimes below the avarage. Moroccoan girls will usually give you a BBBJ for 30€ or charge 50€ for fuck. If you get lucky and find the correct prostitute, you might get anal by paying a small extra fee. Prices are really up to your negotiation skills and even anal can be bought for 50€ sometimes.
  • Area around Avenue Jean Medecin and Bvd Victor Hugo.Thousands of trannies all around the world are making their living by acting as a webcam model. You can watch transsexual live sex shows also in Nice as long as you have internet connection.

    You can find t-girls near Hotel Negresco

    On the Promenade des Anglais close to the old town, there are transvestite and transsexual prostitutes. Some of them are very beautiful an look just like gorgeous women, but the others are more masculine looking. Some good looking black t-girls can be found close to Negresco Hotel. These transgirls usually charge 50 to 100€ for sex, but if they like you and think you are hot, price can always be negotiated. Make sure you also ask if the tranny you like does what you prefer, because some of the transexuals only do the topping and not bottoming. You should always be cautious with these street level trannies, because some of them do petty crimes like pickpocketing.

    There are also TG/TS/TV and CD escorts in Nice who do not work on the street. They will work from the private flats and hotels. There are t-girls who are local and live in Nice, but also many internationally well known t-girls and trannies from other French cities come to the Nice quite often and stay for a few days or one week. This way they will make more money and get new clients.

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How to deal with an escort?

escort girls

Are you going to book an escort girl?

The simple tips what to do / not to do if you decide to use the services of escort girls. Please read our useful instructions!

  1.  Where to book,  agency or independent girl ? – There is no  difference, if you agree with her conditions (rates, pictures  and services) just call and book the service.
  2.  Do not try to ask her for cheaper service, if you can not pay  the amount she put in her profile , this will make you look like  low level client and she will probably not like to work  with you. Just look for cheaper escort , there are a lot of girls  out there.
  3.  Once you book a date, be on time! If you are late just call her.  Respect her time and shedule.
  4.  Know the escort “erotic menu” in advance, this will avoid  discussing her services during the date (it is annoying and  awkward if you discuss sexual acts or money in person).
  5.  Always money fist! If you prefer – call it a gift.
  6.  Be nice, educated and clean.
  7.  Whether you need to get back to work or to leave for some  reason right after … she will not be offended at all. Do your  thing.
  8.  After the date ask her if she would like to be reviewed. If yes,  do it, this will be very helpful for the girl and other clients in  the future.
  9.  Always be safe! If a girl will do something without condom  with you, be sure she has done it with many other guys before  you. You better think about your own safety!

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  • Remember that sexual desire is part of human nature and nothing to be ashamed of. If you are older/have no time for dating/want to be discreet/or are socially awkward, there is no shame in seeing a beautiful girl and having it be a sure thing! It’s just practical.
  • A good escort takes care of herself, practices safely, vets clients, checks references, and gets tested frequently. Escorts are not dirty, unethical, slutty, addicted to drugs any other stereotype that people associate with us. They, like any other social group, have a range of personalities, preferences and vices. Escorts are regular people and chances are very high that you know women, (or men!), that are in the sex industry in one form or another. They often keep their professions very private because they can be judged harshly.
  • Respect her personal life. If you give her your number, she will most likely not call you, and it has nothing to do with whether or not she ‘really’ likes you. She keeps her two worlds separate at all times.
  • Always use protection!
  • If you are looking for something specific, it is out there. Domination, humiliation, every fetish you could imagine. It may not be every escorts cup of tea, but if you look hard enough you will probably find it.
  • Always tip extra if you request a special outfit, roleplay, fetish work, toys, etc. If your escort goes above and beyond, so should you.
  • The dream client would tip well, leave early, finish fast, bring a gift, be a regular guy, be polite and respectful. That is just the real truth. Keep in mind though that that is a client that doesn’t really exist and no one expects you to be him. It’s more about you anyway, and professional escorts love to feel like they did a great job and left the guy with a smile and a lasting memory! Many genuinely like most of their clients and enjoy the job wholeheartedly. Like any group of client service providers, escorts have favorites, mehs, people they don’t care for, and people they will refuse to see ever again.
  • Independent girls can be fun too! Make sure they have great reviews and that they vet clients properly before seeing them, (you may feel uncomfortable giving out identifying information, but it is in everyone’s best interest!).
  • Agency vs. Independent: Agencies are great if you want to try a variety of girls. Repeat clients are often given special treatment and more consideration. Once you trust an agency, it takes a lot of the guesswork and fear out of the equation. A good agent can give you recommendations based on who you have enjoyed in the past.


Barcelona Experience and Warnings

Warnings for Barcelona visitors:

“La Rambla” problem. Black african street prostitutes are agressive with male tourist and you will get 100 % robbed if they come close to you.They will steal your money and mobile phone, or everything you have in your pockets. Be very careful and avoid contact with them.The same thing with some romanian prostitutes on the Rambla street.

BEWARE OF TAXI DRIVERS! : Taxi drivers scam is a big problem in Barcelona- they “work” together  with clubs receiving comission to bring tourist in the club. Some taxi drivers in Barcelona will try to take you to night clubs where they charge extortionate prices to tourists and illegal methods used to defraud customers. Be very careful with these taxi drivers. If you go to an independent escort girl apartment, when getting into a taxi and the driver wants to take you to another place, DO NOT ACCESS, you are in danger. Insist to go where you want, tell them that you have a meeting  and be firm. 

Personal visitor experience story: La Rambla at night is a particularly daunting place to be, intimidating with a sense of impending bag snatch. I’m back in Holland from 8 days of Barcelona. I went to Jamboree for 5 nights, which is located at Placa Real, and every night you had to push the hookers away. The police in Barcelona is a joke. They don’t do anything against this pickpocketing hookers. Don’t get me wrong, besides of the pickpocketing and the annoying hookers, I really love Barcelona. But the hookers and the pickpockets are a major problem.Pick pocketing is an endemic problem in Barcelona and you struggle to enjoy yourself at times knowing that you have to be on constant alert. Within the street’s bustling atmosphere, vendors will approach you, offering various drugs or products—products recently purchased at the local Spar which have since falling into their hands doubled in price. My personal favourite was, ‘Hashish, cocaine, Fanta limon?’ Go in with the class B, go up to A and take the edge off with a citrus soft drink.

Where in the centre of La Rambla you have the small time entrepreneurs, the edges of the street are lined with hookers and pimps. A pimp restlessly paces up and down, hurrying his troupe to latch onto the passing tourists and drag them into the dimly lit alleyways and streets. To see girls turning tricks in such a blatant and overt manner was compelling and horrifying in equal measures.

These women clearly don’t want to be doing this job, it’s purely for survival and I in a certain way was making light of this by knowing full well I wouldn’t be taking up any of their services but openly engaging in a discussion about what was on offer and how much it would be. But I had been drinking most of the evening and this feeling of toying with emotion regrettably dissipated and I went about my task.

After a few look up and downs and some hesitation, I felt a tugging on my shirt sleeve. I turned to find a petite African lady, ‘How long are you here for?’ she says, ‘A couple of days’, ‘Where are you from?’ ‘England.’ ‘How about I give you the best blowjob of your life?’ So we’d fast tracked from nationality to oral.

She began to pull me towards a dark spot, an alley at the side of La Rambla. I attempted to resist but she was incredibly powerful, massive upper body strength brought on no doubt by her aggressive hand job skills. ‘Come on it will be great. You’ll like it, just wait and see’ she was becoming particularly heavy handed by this point and I was worried whether I would have to slap her. I ended up with my arms and legs wrapped around a lamppost crying at her, ‘I’m really sorry but I just don’t find you attractive, please leave me be.’

“Paris Madisson” escort Barcelona

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Booking procedure

Once you have selected the escort of your choice please telephone our operator to arrange the booking. Please note that advance bookings will be subject to confirmation by telephone before a predetermined deadline on the day of the assignment. Failure to confirm on time may mean a booking will not be honored.

Our Barcelona service operates from 10:00 am until late, but please be aware that not all escorts will be available at all times. Our Barcelona operator will be happy to confirm the availability of your selection. Each Barcelona escort is aware of how important punctuality is and we would ask that clients also give due consideration to their punctuality. Should you be running late for a liaison please telephone our office and advise us your anticipated ETA. Please note that in the case of a late arrival in excess of 15 minutes ladies reserve the right to revise or cancel a booking. And finally… All our Barcelona escorts are polite, courteous and discreet and will treat you with the utmost respect. We ask that you treat them in the same manner.

We will appreciate your comments on any part of the service provided by us or our Escorts!

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Mallorca Escorts

mallorca escortsMallorca Escort Advisor by escort “Paris Girls” helps visitors to avoid scams and to find information about escorts, callgirls, prostitutes, street hookers, brothels,red-light districts, trans prostitutes, erotic massage parlours, strip clubs and luxury escorts in Mallorca, Spain.

Palma de Mallorca is the island’s only true city. A city on the island of Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands off the Spanish east coast.

Sex Life and Prostitution

Prostitution is kind of legal in Spain, the truth is that prostitution exists in a legal vacuum. Sex workers are not penalized, instead the pimps are the ones who are punished. With 90% of prostitutes in Spain said to be illegal immigrants, brought into Spain through illegal human trafficking, the circumstances of many prostitutes leave them in legal limbo.There is an abundance of adult entertainment that can be enjoyed on the island of Mallorca and you don’t have to look very far to find it.

Mallorca Female Escort gallery 

 Red Light Districts Mallorca

Palma is a great city for a weekend if you live in northern Europe. There is plenty of cultural stuff to see and do, and the night-life is ok if you are happy to pay 30% more than mainland Spain. The selection in the clubs is not as good, and presumably being an island with limited numbers of providers, the costs are higher.

The main club area is on a street by the Hotel Melia Palas Atenea, Club Commodores is situated here close to the hotel entrance, and just beyond a Calle that goes up the side of it where there are 3 clubs next to each other. Venus, Sirena and another. At the top after the steps and to the right of the Irish bar is another called Discret.

Venus, Sirena and the other are ok, but only a handful of girls at best, hassled to buy ladies drinks at 40 Euro. They all quote 120 E to start but will go for 90 E after a while. Mainly Eastern Europeans form Romania and Bulgaria, with the odd South American.

Discret is not very Discret, being next to a bar and near plenty of apartments, but it is unusual. Two girls in there and all on offer was Tantric, with happy ending, possibly BJ, but that was it. Girls are friendly.

Not a destination for variety and value, but worth a weekend with some late night distraction. There seem to be plenty of Escorts and offerings on the annonces.
The Mustang-Ranch in Palma is announced by a neon sign visible from the motorway, the Via Cintura. Opening times are following : 1900-0500 weekdays and 1000-0500 weekends. Credit cards are accepted and they have their own parking area. Girls are quite hot.

Prostitutes and escort girls

There are hundreds or thousands of prostitutes working in brothels, massage parlors and as escorts in Mallorca. During the tourist season the amount of sex workers usually doubles or triples.The local papers have plenty of Relax ads too and there appears to be a thriving daytime trade of streetwalkers catering to the locals in some parts of town (notably the corner of Carrer Ferreria and Carrer Justicia). If you go in the morning you will see about 20 present, mainly low rent types, some African, East European and locals too. Something akin to Kurfurstenstrasse in Berlin day shift.

There are several Casas de Citas (brothels) too and massage shops too (with extras on offer). A couple of Casas de Citas exist at Joan Alcover 4, 2nd floor and Casa Irene at Carrer Rafael Llus Blanes I Massanet 4. The former advertises a lot online  and the latter in the daily press.

Overall plenty of women looking to supplement their incomes in these hard times. Also plenty of Travestis too for those so inclined.

Canary Islands Escorts

1 tenerife1tenerife escort

The Canary Islands (Tenerife, Fuerte Ventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote) escort Advisor by escort “Paris Girls” helps visitors avoid scam, to find escort girls, low cost sex, callgirls, trans prostitutes, street hookers, brothels, redlight districts, luxury prostitutes, erotic massage parlours, strip clubs and private escorts in Tenerife,Gran Canaria, Fuerte Ventura, Lanzarote.


Gran Canaria Escorts

Las Palmas is the prostitution hot spot of the island and Playa del Inglés is the gay tourism mecca.

Las Palmas street hookers:

There is one street in Las Palmas with plenty of street hookers, located in the centre of the city. You can find this prostitution hot spot if you go from marina in harbour few blocks inland, pass supermarket, another few blocks and there you are. Street hookers in the area are white, black and latin. Usually the latin street girls are the most sexy looking and passionate. Rooms where you can have sex with them are near by, but most are very dirty, so the experience is not always the best. Prices are very low and example a girls from Cameroon andNigeria ask about 40€ for oral and sexual intercourse, but after the negotiating you can get the same services for about 30€.

Playa del Ingles street hookers:

Every night at around 1am, up to 20 or so black African street hookers appear in the Kasbah and the surrounding streets (especially where Avenue Tenerife crosses the Plaza Telde Roundabout) and all the way through the plaza, to opposite the small white Sydney Opera house look-alike church. Very short-time (15 minutes), which includes a real quick blow job and rushed sex at the buildings behind the shopping centre costs40 to 50 Euros. It is not recommended as service is never really good. There is also danger of being pick pocketed, or being pissed on by mistake by someone taking a quick leak in the shadows, yet most of the tourists who are usually drunk out of their minds and on the way back to their hotels gladly pay for this service. If you bring the street whore back to your place, you need to pay from around 70 to 100 Euros for full service in your room which can last about 40 minutes until the girl starts telling you to hurry. Almost every girl in the area asks first; “how much do you want to pay?”, before telling their price. Example if you say 100 Euros, they will say 200 Euros. So always offer them a low price.

Avoid visit to the strip bars/ pole dancing clubs in Gran Canaria. Strip bars are often evil rip-off places, usually unlicensed and unregulated and sometimes run with the help of the corrupted local police. Common club scams happen every day at these places, example the overpriced drinks and receiving the extremely big bill when leaving the club.

Las Palmas brothels

Calle de Molino Vieto. Different age of girls of every size and shape are standing in there doorway. They ask 30 Euro. It’s a five minutes walk from the bus station.

Doll House, Street de Lucas Fernandez, 5. The place is in a normal residential building in Lucas Fernández. 5 (number is on the wall, so real easy to find) in the harbour area. The outer door is always open, and you simply enter and then ring the bell next to the iron gate. The door to the apartment is on the second floor on the left hand side. It’s clean and well-managed. There will be already a girl a 7pm or so, but it’s better not to arrive before 9pm. The price for one hour would have been 120 Euro. Facials seem not to be on offer. All together there are 3-5 girls available. With some luck you can also enjoy taking a shower together with the girl before and / or after the deed is done. All of them speak only Spanish / Portuguese, but you will get a long with a few words of Spanish.Playa del Ingles

Club Kalua, San Augustin (Walking distance from Playa del Ingles, but you can also take the bus). Same location as previously occupied by Salon Claudine in the basement of C. C. San Agustíand. Planta Sótano in Calle de las Dalias. Did not ask for prices there, but considering that there were only 2 or 3 girls of subpar beauty aged probably 30 or higher, not recommended. It does not compare to the Salon Claudine that used to be there.

CANARY ESCORT, Avenue de los Estados Unidos, 19-A. Tel. 617691692.

TIFFANY RELAX, Avenue de Alemania, 6. Tel. 672074956.

A real brothel where the girls present themselves for you and you have to pick one in the end and follow her to the rom. 110 euros for half an hour and 150 for one hour. Address: Villa Esmeralda, Tour Operador Neckermann, 26 (11), tel: 928762913, mob: 629174168. There were three girls present when visited there at about 5pm, but was told that later on four more would come.

Salon Claudine, Shopping Center Jardin del Sol, Avda de Gran Canaria, 24 (open 20 to 04.30). This is a brothel and a kind of night club where you can sit down and drink (10 euros) and look at the girls. They will approach you, but let you in peace if you insist. The reason why it’s fairly good and not very good is because it has a selection far below the big night clubs around Madrid, Barcelona and other big cities in Spain. From 7 to 25 working girls. 100 euros half an hour, 150 euros for one hour. No rushing, good behaviour. They take you to a room behind a curtain in the end of the bar. (some bad experiences from this club – bad service, “not worth for the money”.) Tel. 928767458. Customer review September 2015: “Don’t go in this club. Thé barmaid or the boss is a mother fucker roblar. Fifty euros a drink for the chicas Incredible! DON’T GO!”

You can either visit the sensual massage salons in Gran Canaria or just go to the brothel and ask for an erotic massage service. Massage at the bordellos may not be as skilled as it is in the massage centers. Most escorts in the island also provide massage services and these type of services cost around 100€ an hour, depending if it is a tourist season or not. Cost for a Happy Ending massage is about the same in massage salons and brothels.


Fuerteventura Escorts

Escort agencies in Fuerteventura charge around 30 percent more to hire a girl then you would have to pay if you hire an independent escort.Street prostitution is slowly dying in Fuerteventura, however there are good brothels and strip bars.There are a few good options in Fuerteventura for someone who is looking for a sensual massage with a happy ending. You can always visit a massage salon, where you can get a massage and a Hand Job. Luckily there are also many independent escort girls and masseuse who provide erotic massage in Fuerteventura. Most Fuerteventura brothels also have erotic massage options in their menu´s and usually a Happy Ending massage costs about the same as sex at these bordellos.There are not many Brothels in Fuerteventura, but quality of the girls is actually quite good. Price of 1 hour sex usually starts from 120 euro and goes up to couple hundred euros at Fuerteventura brothels. Sometime you may even get better deals especially when it is not a touristy season.Strip Clubs in Fuerteventura

Majestic Nite Club, Calle Hernán Cortés. It’s down at the bottom of the town – near the harbour area in Corralejo. It’s a Strip Club with “back rooms”. €180 for an hour.

Baño De La Carpi, Calle Guize, 35600 Puerto del Rosario.

Achim’s place, Calle Gran Canaria, 15, 35660 Corralejo.

One strip club is in Corrie – by the roundabout by the CD / Baku.


Lanzarote Hookers

There is active street prostitution in Lanzarote and most girls are Africans.  The street whores are relatively cheap. These type of sex workers can be found from the Puerto del Carmen. Most of these black girls are illegal immigrants. Usually African street whores in Lanzarote ask 50€ for sex, but if they don´t have enough business, you may be able to bargain the price down to 30€. You should use your normal precautions as some of the sex workers may try to steal things like cellphones from you. Some of these street whores are very insistent, and you may be approached a many times a night, sometimes the girls even grab your genitals.

High-class escorts and callgirls in the private flats or hotels are more expensive option in Lanzarote, but the escort service you get is also better at most of the time. For these escort girls you need to pay around 100€ for escort services.

Many prostitutes work in the brothels in Lanzarote.Bordellos are mainly in Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen.In Puerto Del carmen you can find few brothels within a very small area that some people call a Red-light district. This square has a narrow entrance, the bars cannot be seen from the road, but one of the whore houses is clearly visible. That will stop a lot of newbies from even walking through.

There is an area called “La Rapadura” in Arrecife where you can find hookers plenty of escorts, but it is not wise to go there since drug-addicts frequent it. The police keeps raiding the are every now and then.



There is no official redlight district in Tenerife. Streetwalking is most common in Puerto de la Cruz and Playa de las Américas. There are also many good brothels and Erotic massage parlours in Tenerife.Night clubs and strip clubs in Tenerife are often operating as brothels as well. South Tenerife: There are 5 clubs on the main road of the Hotel Catalonia Oro Negro.

Night and Day. Night And Day seems to be good deal, as it offer a sauna and jacuzzi. Prices 80 Euro for 30 min. Lady drinks cost 30 Euro.

Pussy cats club

Eden, and 2 other ones further down the road.

Club Matrix. Offer a menu with drinks & services, which both are overpriced. €180 EUR for an hour

Lap dance clubs with extras are a plenty, dotted all over the place.

Escort presence  is a huge issue in Playa de las Américas. Once again, it’s concentrated in Calles de Llanos de Troya and Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta, say residents of the area, according to whom sex is being offered, and practised in the open from around 9pm to 7am.Many of the escort girls in Tenerife are working in brothels and adult clubs. See the brothels in Tenerife.You can find street hookers from Oro Blanco, Offshore and La Florita, located on Avenida Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta. Calle Llanos de Troya in the middle of Playa de Las Americas, is one of the areas most frequented by prostitutes, mainly Spanish, Romanian and South American sex workers.Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital (jointly with Las palmas gran canaria) of the Canary Islands. is located in the northern part of the island, has a population of about 230,000 and is home of the Parliament of the Canary Islands. Adeje – Small town located outside of Playa de las Américas. Icod De Los Vinos – The town is surrounded by vineyards. The old dragon blood tree El Drago milenario is the city’s biggest attraction.Garachico – Charming town on the north coast situated below Icod de los Vinos. La Laguna – Tenerife’s second largest city and Canary Islands’ largest university town located northwest of Santa Cruz. La Laguna was the former capital of the island. La Orotava – The old town has given its name to the great valley running from Las Cañadas volcano crater at 2,000 metres down to the Atlantic Ocean. La Orotava is known for its architecture and trandtionelle Canarian environment. Las Americas – is one of the most popular tourist destinations, was built in 1960 as a result of the expansion of the adjacent Los Cristianos. Vilaflor – is the highest village of Tenerife with an altitude of 1,400 metres. Puerto de la Cruz – with an area of 8.73 km ² is the smallest municipality in the Canary Islands, it was where in 1886 began the tourism in Tenerife. Some street hookers near Jardin beach. They are hanging around in the park next to the beach after dark. You can reach the park by foot 500m from the centre. Never negotiate down nor accepted any offer, but they ask 60€ for a quickie.

Prostitution is kind of legal in Spain, the truth is that prostitution exists in a legal vacuum. Escorts are not penalized, instead the pimps are the ones who are punished. With 90% of escorts in Spain said to be illegal immigrants, brought into Spain through illegal human trafficking, the circumstances of many prostitutes leave them in legal limbo.Most escort girls in Canary Islands come from Bulgaria, Romania and African countries. About 2,500 women are engaged in prostitution in the Canary Islands, generating more profits than 20 million euros. It is estimated that 300,000 women are escort worker in the Spain. There is high demand of prostitution during the tourist season in Canary Islands.Best Sex tourism destinations in Canary Islands are Las Palmas and Playa de las Américas. Both of these cities have a hot spots for callgirls,escorts,trans, Brothels and Strip clubs.

Lyon Escorts

Lyon Escort Advisor by escort “Paris Girls” helps visitors to find Lyon escort girls, cheap sex providers in Lyon, information about prostitution , Lyon hookers, brothels, erotic massage parlours and escort agencies based in Lyon, France.

There are good nightclubs and bar around the “Place de Terreaux” and the “Hotel de Ville” (City Hall), or you can also try “Vieux Lyon” (the old part of the town). There is definitely no official red-light district in Lyon. Quai de Perrache, Fickwagen and Quai Jules Courmont are the spots where you should find Lyon sex workers at most of the time.

Escorts and Sex Workers

Most of the sex workers in Lyon work as an independent escorts and some of the girls also work for the escort agencies. These type of WG´s (Working Girl) often give the best service and are your best option if you are looking for sex in Lyon. Some of the Gentlemen´s Club´s and erotic massage parlours in Lyon sell sex, but this is done only very discreetly. Street prostitution is also a part of the daily prostitution activities in Lyon, but is in decline as it is all over France.

Brothels- There are no brothels, pick’up bars or any other public places that offer paid sex in Lyon. Paid sex can be offered outside with street action, in a private apartment or at your hotel with an escort, but unfortunately not in a public place. If it is offered it usually is a rip off, unless you are at Asian massage parlour.

Street Prostitutes- Street prostitution in Lyon is not as common as it was in the past. Mainly because the big fines customers can get if caught and because most girls have cellphones which make work easier if they just have ads online. Most common price for a blow-job from a street whore is 20 to 40 Euro and price for sex is usually 50 Euro, but it can also be a little bit higher or lower.

  • Fickwagen – Usually some trailerpark hookers, but note that trailer sites may disappear without notice
  • Quai Perrache – Reports of prostitution activity. Sometimes more street girls, but most street walkers come out at night.
  • From Kyriad Lyon on Quai Perrache two streets up towards the railway line. You need a car to do the deed as you drive to some secluded area to unload. Also black African girls a two to three blocks the other way.
  • Quai Jules Courmont. – Some of the older street prostitutes can be spotted in here occasionally.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance- Lyon is a perfect city for a nude bar lovers. There are many good clubs and bars where you can watch sexy dancers shaking their bodies and often offering erotic private shows. The best strip clubs in Lyon are Le Best One, Le Club Vertige, Brian Night Shows, B Lucky, La Tulipe d´Or, American Bar, Le Cloé, Asian Club, La Queen Mary, Le Scandale, Cristal New´s Pub, La Rubis & Le Pent´House. Most of these strip joints have an entrance fee of 10 to 20 Euros.

Where to find Strip Clubs in Lyon:

  • B Lucky, B Lucky, 40 Quai Saint Vincent, Entrée Rue Couverte 69001 Lyon. (Tel: 0760661915)
Open from Tuesday to Friday: 14: 00/5 H 00, Saturday: 22: 00/5 H 00. Great for bachelor partier and other events. Private room in private (stripper): 140 €- for a 20 minute show.
  • Le Diamant Noir, 109 Quai de Pierre-Scize, Lyon, France
+33 4 78 39 73 36
  • PENT X HOUSE Club Privé – cabaret stript-tease & bar à hotesse, 236 RUE GARIBALDI, 69003 LYON PART-DIEU (Tel: 06 30 27 17 62)
Open Monday to Friday from 20h until dawn. The weekend privatization possible booking. The Champagne Bar our sexy cabaret club with sexy stewardesses, show striptease, lap dance, pole dance, lesbian show, SM initiation, bachelor parties. Wide bar, topped with 2 pole dance bars, you will enjoy the show as close to our sexy dancers.
  • Vertige Production, 5 Rue du Griffon, Lyon, France
+33 9 81 06 60 57


Erotic Massage Parlours

You can find a lot of massage ads online and sometimes from the Lyon magazines. Running a whore house in France is illegal and this is the reason why part of the prostitution business in Lyon is done secretly at the massage salons.

Girls at the Lyon massage parlours are mainly Chinese, sometimes there are few Thai girls. Expect to pay 40-80€ for a massage. 20-50€ for handjob or a blow-job. Sex will cost a little more from 50 to 100€. You should avoid the so-called ‘naturist’ massage: they are extremely expensive and you shall be lucky if you get more than a hand-job. If you want a sensual or an erotic body rub, whether with a Happy Ending or not, you can also try many of the independent escorts in Lyon, as most of them do these types of services quite well.

 French swinger’s club in Lyon and surrounding areas

In a swinger club, after you pay entrance, sex is offered for free. But for a single man, it is hit or miss to get action and sex is not guaranteed. A good advice for a single man is always to call before, and be well dressed and it will be easier to enter. Avoid the afternoon’s, because there will be mostly singles at that time.

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Istanbul Escorts, CallGirls & Strip Clubs

Istanbul Escort Advisor by escort “Paris Girls” helps the visitors to avoid scams ,to find escort services, callgirls, prostitutes, street hookers, brothels,redlight districts,trans ,erotic massage parlors, strip bars and luxury escort girls in Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul (Turkish: İstanbul) is Turkey’s capital city, and its large cultural and financial center. Located on both sides of the Bosphorus, the narrow strait between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, Istanbul bridges Asia and Europe both physically and culturally. Istanbul’s population is estimated to be between 12 and 19 million people, making it also one of the largest in Europe and the world. From the international Ataturk airport you can get to the city easily by subway. If you are traveling to the main touristic areas of Taksim or Sultan Ahmet (old city), swap to the tram or funicular line at Zeytinburnu or Aksaray. By taxi from Istanbul Ataturk airport to the Sultan Ahmet and Taksim districts are roughly 45 to 55 lira.

Red Light Districts

Istanbul Red-light districts have probably the most used prostitutes you will see in Europe. Some of these girls are old and you can really see they have been in the sex work for a long long time. If you pay them enough, they will do the kinkiest hardcore things you can imagine.

The general house, the brothels of Istanbul, are located in the KARAKOY near Galata Bridge, ZURAFA and KADEM street there are about 10-15 places and more than 200 escort girls working there in these two Red-light districts. Red Light Area hooker streets are on your left and right hand side from Kemeralti Cd, 200 metre after you cross Galata Köprüsü Bridge if you are coming from Eminönü. It is the first tram stop right after theGalata Köprüsü Bridge! Zurafa is on your right hand side about 100 meter up the hill and it is the bigger red light area from the two, and Kadem Skis on your right hand side (take a right turn to Leblebici Saban Sk and Kadem Sk is your first left.

When you enter the Red-light district area in Istanbul or in any other city in Turkey, you must show ID. So remember to keep your passport with you! Also leave your backpacks home because those are not allowed inside either. Once you show a foreign ID, the security will sometimes tell you that entrance fee is 50TL. This is a lie, so just tell them you are not going to pay. Incase there are other people nearby, just ask their help and security will get embarrass and let you go. Otherwise you just have to negotiate with them for a couple of minutes, until they allow you to enter.

In any occasion, do not try to take photos from the red light district, prostitutes or security can get really mad and you may have to pay a “fine” for them before they kick you out. Prostitutes may even try to take your camera or cellphone away and then demand a money.

Price for oral and fuck is 40TL in the both red light areas. Turkish people will usually pay less and foreigners more. Usually foreigners will pay the same 40TL to the brothel owner and then the girl will ask more money in the room. Usually paying 20-40TL more for the girl, will get you sex, otherwise they will just give you a blow-job or have fake sex, where they just direct your penis between their inner thighs instead of vagina.Sometime you do not even notice this and you will just cum and never end up putting your penis in her pussy.

There is also transsexual red-light district in the Taksim area, near Talrabasi Blv.


It is estimated that the bulk of Istanbul escorts work in adult clubs and indoor brothels – meaning that, unlike the window brothels which you can find from the Istanbul red-light district, you cannot look in to these whore houses from the streets. Indoor brothels usually have 3-6 escort girls working and adult clubs do have more, up to 20 girls. The escorts who work in this sequence of brothels in Istanbul are considered the lucky ones comparing to street prostitutes.

  • Legal window brothels can be found from Zurafa and Kadem streets in the red light areas. The infamous Zurafa (Giraffe) Road is located in the center downtown, a place away from the tower of Galata which and where hundreds of visitors come every day.
  • There is a handful of brothels in Urgup area.
  • Number of hostels/hotels in Laleli, Kumkapı and Aksaray are used as venues where you can hook up with prostitutes. Usually the girls are outside at the night time, but at the day time the workers at the reception will direct you to the girls rooms.

Istanbul has quite a few notorious sex clubs, but many people who visit them get RIPPED OFF.

They often start you with overpriced alcohol and you buying expensive non-alcoholic champagne for a girl hoping to get your business. Even worse, on top of an hourly fee starting around 150 euros, you ll often have to pay a taxi commission for the guy who brought you there of around 75 euros, sometimes even if you didn’t come in a taxi. These places often have bad reputations, although if you’ve got a lot of money and want a little fun with ladies in Istanbul they might be a good choice.All the club brothels in Aksaray area are a big scam or under big risk for police raid. It is not worth to go inside! Most common scam is that they will lure you inside with cheap 5 lira drinks and after you have orderer a couple beers and try to leave the place you will get a big bill! It will then be something like couple hundred liras or even 1000 liras sometimes! and bouncers will tell you that 5 lira was only the price of the first welcome drink and other drinks cost something like 50 liras each. Clubs will also charge something like 50 liras for peanuts or if the girls just sit to your table you can get charged something like 100 liras! Do not go to these clubs and do not go to any other clubs either if Turkish men will approach you and recommend you the place to go. Most of time you will get scammed!



Sex Life and Prostitution – General Information

Prostitution in Turkey is legal.Brothels are also legal. However, many local governments now have a policy of not issuing new registrations, and in some cities, such as Ankara and Bursa, brothels have been demolished by court order.You might think that the street walkers and street hookers are the easiest to find after all. They are easy to find but remember that it’s illegal and they are relatively anonymous you have to go elsewhere for quality.Prostitution (Fuhuş) in Turkey is regulated under article 227 of the Turkish Penal Code (Law No. 5237). Promoting prostitution is punishable by two months to four years imprisonment. The passport law forbids entry to Turkey for the purposes of prostitution.Illegal prostitution is classified as operating a brothels without being licensed, being an escort without having health checkups, being a prostitute without having a license, and being a sex worker without being registered. Operating of illegal prostitution is punishable with a maximum of one year imprisonment.Prostitution is entirely legal in the Turkey since Ataturk founded the modern republic in 1923. An estimated 3,000 women work in licensed, state-regulated brothels. The average Turkish escort girls still hides her profession from most friends and relatives.In Istanbul there are not only Turkish girls but also Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabian, Azerbaijani and Romanian girls. Istanbul is the place where you can easily find escort for any event.

Brothels are establishments specifically dedicated to prostitution, often confined to special red-light districts in Istanbul. Other names for brothels include bordello, whorehouse, cathouse, knocking shop, and general houses (Turkish: “genel ev”). Prostitution also occurs in some Istanbul massage parlours and in some barber shops where sexual services may be offered as a secondary function of the premises. Street prostitution does also exist in Istanbul, mostly in Aksaray area which is not worth it. You will find great decent Black Ebony Female Escorts on online websites.

If you are interested in finding Russian escort women, you should visit Laleli area. Laleli is like a “little Russia” in Istanbul. You can find also Ukrainian, Romanian and many European girls from Laleli. Of course not all of them are working girls.

In 2008, activists and sex workers in Turkey announced they were working on a project to establish Turkey’s first sex workers union.

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Saint Tropez escorts

Escorts Saint Tropez ,Call Girls Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez Escorts, Strip Clubs, Call Girls

Escort Saint-Tropez Guide helps clients to find escorts girls, cheap sex offers, local prostitutes and hookers, city brothels, erotic massage parlours and VIP companions in Saint-Tropez, France.

Saint-Tropez is a small french touristic place in the Riviera. Made famous by stars like Brigitte Bardot, it has been for long a hot destination for all rich and famous people worldwide. But nowdays the town has plenty for everyone.

Looking for Saint-Tropez Erotic Massage Parlours?

Some massage places are listed in online magazines ,they are covers for prostitution and full escort or callgirls service. Massage parlours are usually chinese or  Thai girls. Expect rates to be 40-60€ for massage. 20-40€ the handjob service, the blow job is around 20-50€ and a full sex service around 50-100€. Try to avoid the so-called ‘naturist’ massage: they are much more expensive and you shall be lucky guy if you get more than a handjob.

Saint-Tropez Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

In the strip bars the ladies try to induce clients to buy expensive drinks along with sex- services. Prices are always set by the bar owner, and the money is always shared between him and the prostitute. Pigalle peepshow bars are well known for that practice.

The story about the Luxury Escort Models in the French Riviera

As the French Riviera is famous with the film festival in Cannes, many rich guests are coming to visit the cities around every year. You will get best of the life here – from full-time escorts to models, actresses and beauty queens, the call girls servicing wealthy men in Cannes’ luxury hotels, and on million-dollar yachts can earn thousands of dollars a night.

According to Lebanese businessman Elie Nahas, who was arrested in 2007 for running a Cannes prostitution ring that supplied more than 50 women ‘of various nationalities’ to rich Middle Eastern men during the festival, the money call girls make is bigger than most people realize.Mr Nahas, 48, who is unable to leave Lebanon while his eight-year prison sentence is being appealed, told The Hollywood Reporter in May 2013: ‘They can make up to $40,000 a night.”Arabs are the most generous people in the world. If they like you, they will give you a lot of money. ‘At Cannes, they carry money around in wads of 10,000 euros. To them, it’s just like paper,’ he explained. ‘They don’t even like to count it. They’ll just hand it to the girls without thinking.’ Read more:

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Strasbourg Escorts, CallGirls & Strip Clubs

strasbourg escorts girls

Strasbourg Escorts, CallGirls & Strip Clubs

Strasbourg escort Advisor by Escort “Paris Girls” helps visitors to avoid scam, to find escortscallgirlssex workers, trans, street hookersbrothels, redlight districts, prostitutes, erotic massage parlours, strip bars and luxury escorts in Strasbourg, FranceStrasbourg (German: Straßburg, Alsatian: Strossburi) is the capital of the Alsace region of France and is most widely known for hosting a number of important European institutions. It is also famous for its beautiful historical centre – the Grande Île – which was the first city centre to be classified entirely as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There are no legal brothels, cathouses or whore houses in Strasbourg, but many of these type of places can be found from Germany which is only a short drive away from Strasbourg. However you may be able to buy sex from some of the dancers at the Strasbourg strip clubs or at the erotic massage parlours which have mostly Chinese and Thai girls working in the premises. You should try to find out discreetly, if sex is being sold at these places because they do not advertise sex services openly.

Brothels in Offenburg, Germany:

You can drive 20 kilometre across the border to Germany, to one of the small FKK in the area. FKK Lancelot for example, is not big, but it is better than anything you could find in Strasbourg.

  • FKK Club Lancelot, Industriestraße 4/A, 77656 Offenburg, Germany
Admission fee 50.- Euro (entrance fee Fri + Sat 60.- EUR incl. Large BBQ buffet) The fee includes the perpetual stay in one day, and the use of all club facilities, the wellness area with sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, and the garden. The price of admission are as bath towels, slippers, soft drinks and food included. Large barbecue buffet: 23.00 clock grilled – From May to September each week on Friday and Saturday between 17.30! Throughout the club the guest can move wearing a towel. The ladies at the club charge 60.- EUR per half hour and offer it to permissive full service with intercourse, passionate French kisses and nature. Opening times: Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 bis 03:00 clock, Fri. & Sat. 12:00 bis 05:00 clock.
  • FKK – Sauna – Club Rubin, Carl-Benz-Straße 2, Offenburg, Germany
  • Thai-Erotik, Carl-Benz-Straße 6, Offenburg, Germany
+49 4978 16390650

Erotic Massage Parlours – Thai or Asian massage parlour scene is not good in Strasbourg. In nearby areas of Germany, you can find some good massage center which offer Happy Ending. Most of the time one hour erotic massage which includes a Happy Ending costs around 80 to 120 Euro.

Average price for one hour with agency escort in Strasbourg is somewhere between 150-300€. Short time like 15 to 30 minutes can be purchased for around 80-120€. Most escort work from the private flats. Foreign escort and working girls from the other French cities often work from the hotels. You should always negotiate beforehand with the girl about the services you require. Anal sex, role playing, pissing and other fetishes always cost a little extra like around 50€ more.

There are no real nude bars in Strasbourg. But some of the escorts are willing to do bachelor party shows and other dancing events if paid.

  • Le Chat Noir,10 Rue Édouard Teutsch, 67000 Strasbourg, France (Phone:+33 3 88 36 72 32)

There is no specified Redlight district in Strasbourg like the ones in Germany and Netherlands. Most of the prostitution happens in private flats, while street prostitution is in decline. Brothels and other red light premises can be found from Offenburg, which is just a short drive away in Germany.


Sex Life and Prostitution

Today things are much different in Strasbourg. The neighbourhood around Strasbourg’s train station is now one of the cleanest in Europe. While in many cities the red light district establishes itself around the train station, the neighbourhood here is free from sex shops or any other dives. Instead, you find upper mid-range hotels, a few fruit and vegetable shops, and even a second-hand children’s toy shop. Years ago some people called Strasbourg the capital of prostitution in Europe and every where you looked, you could see women standing in fishnets and slutty looking clothing on the streets.Almost every big city in Europehas prostitution, but what makes it worse in Strasbourg is the proximity to Germany, as well as the presence of European institutions. Because the laws in neighbouring Germany are much looser – since 2001 prostitution is legally regulated and sex workers even get health insurance and other benefits – there is regular cross-border traffic. The hookers often live in the German town of Kehl, only a 10 minutes drive from Strasbourg, and are carted over the border in mini-busses for their nightly business and carted back at dawn. Above all, during the four days of the week that the European parliament sits in Strasbourg, the number of hookers in Strasbourg rises dramatically. The German MEP Silvana Koch-Mehrin (FDP) created a furore in 2008 by accusing her male colleagues of claiming expenses for the services of hookers during the Strasbourg sessions of parliament. Years ago some people called Strasbourg the capital of prostitution in Europe and every where you looked, you could see women standing in fishnets and slutty looking clothing on the streets.Under the new provision, buying sex acts in France will be punishable by a 1,500 euro fine. Repeat offenders risk a fine of 3,750 euros. The provision is part of a larger bill on prostitution.Studies from 2003 estimated that about 15,000 – 20,000 girls work as prostitutes in France. In 2010, the number of full-time male and female sex workers was estimated at 20,000 – 30,000, with 80 to 90% being foreigners. Most of the sex workers come from Bulgaria, Romania, Nigeria,Cameroon, China and South America.In 2004, the average earnings of a French sex worker were estimated at €500 a day. For Sub-Saharian sex workers living in France, it was less, around €200–300. Some barely made €50–150 a week.

Quick sex (15 to 30min) with a street hooker in Strasbourg cost around 30-50€. This usually includes a blow-job. Oral sex only cost usually 20-40€.

There are also some street hookers on the way out from the city back to the A5 Autobahn.

There are reports of prostitution in the Corner of Rue Sengenwald. Mostly Romanian and Bulgarian working girls.

You can also find street prostitutes from the following areas, but some of these areas may be dead these days:

  • Avenue de la Forêt-Noire
  • Route du Rhin
  • Quai des Alpes
  • Quai Louis-Pasteur
  • Boulevard de Lyon
  • Quartier de la Gare

Toulouse Escorts, CallGirls & Strip Clubs

toulouse escortes independantes russes

Toulouse escorts, Toulouse CallGirls, Strip clubs

Toulouse escort Guide by escort “Paris Girls” hlps clients to find callgirls, escorts, local prostitutes or  street hookers, brothels and redlights ,luxury female companions, private erotic massage providers and parlours, local strip bars and escort agencies in the city of Toulouse, France.

Toulouse – southwestern France located around the Pyrenees, most exactly in the Midi-Pyrenees region and between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. The fourth biggest french city , after the capital Paris, Marseille and Lyon.

There is no real prostitution district in Toulouse but many people consider Rue Bayard,le Quartier du Canal and le Boulevard de Strasbourg something like red light areas.The Escorts in Toulouse use to ask around 150 – 250 Euro per hour. The Quicky (20 to 30 minutes) is cheap, around 100 Euro in Toulouse.Usually foreigner escorts are always cheaper than the local girls who are actually native in France.

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There is no specified hookers area in Toulouse but you can also try to find street girls in Toulouse from the areas:

  • Le Boulevard de Suisse and Boulevard Silvio Trentin. In Toulouse it is where you will find probably the best looking girls. As usual street action starts from 10/10:30 pm until 2 or 3 am.
  • Boulevard de Strasbourg, end of Rue Matabiau.
  • Rue Raymond, l’orient and St Martine there might be several African girls.
  • Boulevard Matabiau
  • Boulevard des Minimes
  • On the Canal area.
  • “Quais” along the river.
  • Boulevard de l’Embouchure
  • Boulevard de la Marquette
  • Rue Emile Brouardel
  • Allées Jean Jaurès
  • Rue de Metz, all along the river.
  • Pnt Jemeaux area.
  • The old area next to the canal and near the train station on Matabiau Blvd is now cleaned out; The area has been made into a park with few trees and the sidewalk widened – so no place for girls to hide.

More about the Sex Life and Prostitution:

Prostitution and escort services in France is not illegal, but  you will find action only in private clubs, or escorts on the streets. You won’t find any that kind of brothels as you can find in Spain or other countries.If you have some extra time Spain is a 3h drive from Toulouse, and there are a lot of escort brothels, sex clubs and prostitutes.Under the new provision, buying sex acts in France will be punishable by a 1,500 euro fine. Repeat offenders risk a fine of 3,750 euros. The provision is part of a larger bill on prostitution.In 2004, the average earnings of a French escort worker were estimated at €500 a day. For Sub-Saharian escorts living in France, it was less, around €200–300. Some barely made €50–150 a week.Studies from 2003 estimated that about 15,000 – 20,000 escort girls work as prostitutes in France. In 2010, the number of full-time male and female sex workers was estimated at 20,000 – 30,000, with 80 to 90% being foreigners. Most of the escort workers come from Bulgaria, Romania, Nigeria,Cameroon, China and South America.

There are few really good strip clubs in Toulouse. Most have a small entrance fee and drinks are still decently priced, unless you order a champagne. Usually you can only get a lap-dance or a private show. But sometimes strippers are willing to make extra money after their working hours and if you negotiate well, you may even get sex for around 200 Euro.

  • Club 72 Sauna, 11 rue du Bernais. Tel. +33 5 61 23 82 12.
  • Club Le Manoir, 40 rue Emile Heybrard. Tel. +33 5 34 60 13 13.
  • La Suitte, 16 Rue Bayard. Tel. +06 52 11 11 31. Nude club. Tues-Fri 8pm-2am; Sat 8pm-3am.
  • Le Private, 43 Avenue de la Gloire. Tel. +33 5 61 20 80 70.
  • Le Bains de Saint Aubin, 5 imp St Aubin. Tel. +33 5 61 62 45 46.
  • Lov’inn, 9 et 11 route de Toulouse. Tel. +33 5 61 09 69 69.
  • Le Club Drouot, 1 chemin des Etroits. Tel. +33 5 61 52 81 54.
  • Le Pink Palace, 6 boulevard Bonrepos. Tel. +05 61 62 26 28. Mon-Sat 8pm-2am. 25 dancers.

There are many erotic massage center in Minimes Area. Most masseuses in the area are Chinese and all wearing short skirts. Massage costs often 50 Euro per hour and extras start from 20 Euro and go up to 100 Euro.

Most erotic massage places in Toulouse have workers from Asia, but there are also some bodyrub salons with caucasian workers.

  • Makeaili Massage, 28 Rue Antoine Puget, 31200 Toulouse, France +33 5 67 00 33 20
The staff will be accompanying you as you are stripped naked for a Adamic massage. 1 hour costs 120 Euro. In the massage the masseuse girl will rub you with her naked body, but you need to tip 20 to 40 Euro for a Hand Job.
  • Massage Center in Minimes Area. Masseuses are Chinese and all wearing short skirts. 120EUR for 1 h massage + 30 Tip.
  • Sensual Hair – Bea, 14 Rue of the star, 31000 Toulouse France (05 61 62 24 59) (Shampoo, cut, care & massage starting from 150 €)

Ibiza Escorts, CallGirls & Strip Clubs

ibiza escortsIbiza Escort Advisor helps visitors to avoid scams and to find escorts,callgirls , trans prostitutes, street hookers, brothels, redlight districtserotic massage parlours and strip bars  in Ibiza, Spain.

Ibiza or Eivissa (the official name) is one of the Balearic Islands in Spain. It is world famous for its intense nightlife and huge clubs, and attracts top DJ:s from all over the planet. The maximum length of the island by highway is 42 km.

Sex and Prostitution

Prostitution is kind of legal in Spain, the truth is that prostitution exists in a legal vacuum. Sex workers are not penalized, instead the pimps are the ones who are punished. With 90% of prostitutes in Spain said to be illegal immigrants, brought into Spain through illegal human trafficking, the circumstances of many prostitutes leave them in legal limbo. In 2007, estimated 500,000 women were working as prostitutes in Spain, as 1.5 million men buy sex in Spain per day. That’s a turnover of $54 billion, which is said to be as large as Spain’s education budget.


Ibiza is more known as a Clubbers Paradise than a sex tourism destination.

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Red Light Districts

Figueretas is a small area within Ibiza Town with many popular, cheaper hotels, apartments and some great restaurants. This area has an international mix of tourists and local residents and offers many bars, restaurants and a few strip clubs. Due to being a known “red light” district, Figueretas can be a fun place to stay but maybe not for everyone.

Escorts and callgirls

The first sex worker’s co-operative has recently formed in the party island Ibiza. Marking the Spain’s first union for prostitutes, The Sex Services Cooperative of Spain (Sealeer Co-operative) allows its members to obtain work permits, reap the benefits of health care, pay taxes, pension and get their first credit cards. There is an estimated 3,000 sex workers in Ibiza, with 11 which are members of Seeleer, while 40 more sex workers have applied—all of whom are women.

Street Hookers 

Ibiza street walkers come from many different parts of the world, for example Africa and Eastern Europe. Every evening front of every big nightclub are hanging around lot of prostitutes, mostly African. They will approach you and provide sex services. Be aware they can be a bit aggressive and pickpocketing is also common. Price to have sex with freelance prostitutes in Ibiza is 50 -150 euros. Romanian and Bulgarian prostitutes are also very common these days in Ibiza.

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