brothelsTraditionally and by definition, a brothel is somewhere that you go for paid sex. However, in Big Sister in Prague, the story is completely different. In other words, you do not have to pay for sex. The catch is that, once you are done performing the supposedly private act, Big Sister will show it and let the whole world know what you did, via cable TV. This sexual show and tell is coming soon in America.Big Sister is the first ever sex-based reality TV show that has spread across various European satellite channels. While you do not have to pay a cent for sex with the girls here (who are mostly Slovak and Czech), they are paid well above the average, ranging from a monthly paycheck of $4,400 to $7,400.

The Site, located in Sydney, Australia is a modern club where you will find a healthy, and not to mention a wide variety and diverse set of girls. Whether you are looking for an African, a Brunette, or an Australian, The Site can serve your needs and they’ll make sure that your preference is covered. The typical price for bookings in this brothel ranges from $150 (for 30 minutes) to $270 (for one hour).

Paradise is a brothel in Stuttgart. It’s one of Germany’s “mega-brothels” and, like a lot of those establishments, it has a Moroccan theme. Picture a Sultan’s palace crossed with a Premier Inn, then wedge it between anonymous office blocks on an endless industrial park and you’re there: Paradise. See here interesting original article  about the prostitution in Germany 

You like particularly brothels? You should probably give the Pascha in Cologne a try, just for the sheer size. Frankfurt isn’t bad either.

FKK World, is located in Frankfurt, Germany. The brothel is basically a house situated in the German forest. Like other brothels in the country, the FKK World was originally built and established for American tourists.You will find there an indoor and an outdoor area. Pools, an erotic cinema, a sports bar, and a sauna are just some of the amenities that the establishment is equipped with. If you want to be a part of a raucous event such as a Halloween party, this brothel may just be the right one for you. During special occasions, the girls here are known for their wild antics, including skinny-dipping and taking part in arousing beach volleyball games.In Germany and Poland the brothels are legal and generally well maintained. German FKK clubs are good and clean places. Most of the girls in Poland are Romanian and Ukrainian. In Germany there are more nationalities available and you’re more likely to find English speakers.

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