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I was back to my lovely city, Paris. I always loved this city, because it’s full of light, good looking gentlemen, romanticism and satisfaction. Every girls dream is to spend a romantic evening with full of passion in this amazing city. I think French call girls have a great time there…Paris escorts and the clients…This story happened with me after I told to my escort agency that this is the end, I want to do something else with my life, and I want to quit escorting. They insisted to let my profile on their website, because maybe I have a few travel meetings, which means extra money. I accepted.One day I was home, when my agency wrote me that someone wants an escort, especially me. This client wanted me for a whole weekend, because he was one of my regular clients so I said yes.Being a Paris escort many times, I had a large client base, and I loved them all. I was so happy, and I accepted without thinking. My agency arranged me the rest: my flight booking, meeting place, payment. I just waited the day to come.This gentleman waited for me at the airport with dark chocolate (he knew these are my favourite ones) and a bouquet of pink roses, so nice. I was smiling when I saw him, because you know, with such a gift, each men can make a girl smile. I think many call girls in France are appreciated like I was, because French men are exceptional. So our long weekend has begun.Great weekend with “French kiss”.He brought me to one of the biggest and most famous hotels in the center of Paris, close to the Eiffel Tower, which is one of my favourite places. Guess what was the first thing we did when we arrived at his hotel? You know: we had hot sex in his bathroom.

We undressed ourselves very passionately, like two lovers who want each other so much. He always adored hard blowjob, so I started directly with an intense deep throat. Moving my head in and out, harder and harder, made him feel alive, and he wanted to fuck me so much. I let him wait for the best part. I continued my blowjob slowly, petting his whole body with my hands, bringing him slowly to the point that he couldn’t resist me anymore. He turned me around hard, and put his strong cock in my pussy, which was already wet. I think the whole hotel heard my moaning, but I didn’t care, I enjoyed his movements. We had orgasm together and because we were tired, we went to a romantic dinner where we had a great conversation.I was a kind of his psychologist, but for the money I received, and for his kindness, each French escort girl would listen to his problems. Like I said, he prepared me a great surprise. I saw in his eyes that he is hiding something from me, but I couldn’t realize what. He planned everything so secretly, but I like gifts and surprises.Did you hear about the Erotic Museum? When we arrived there I fell in love with it, because everything was about sexuality, which is my favorite activity. I want to have sex all day long, I am a nymphomaniac. What can you see in this museum? The evolution of sex through centuries, it’s history and the changes, everything about it. I could imagine living in different centuries, when escorting was totally different than nowadays. For example, in Napoleon’s brothels, the ladies where dressed in silk, not like nowadays, like prostitutes, the mystery was present in their attitude, in their eyes, and men from that period could offer fortune for them.I was very excited, when I saw young couples standing on the video corner, looking at different type of sexual videos, about how to please a women or a men, and I was smiling, because from a video no one can learn. You can learn through a few years of experience, as being a Paris escort or worldwide escort, you have to give your clients the best sexual experiences.I told him I have to go to the bathroom, I looked with “those eyes” on him so he knew, I planned to offer him a blowjob in the bathroom of the museum. What a great place for things like this. We entered, I undressed his zipper, and I started my game: I licked his cock slowly, while I was playing with his balls, and then the show began, I started to move my head faster and faster, till I felt his cock started to pulsate. I slowed down to make him an intense cumming. He cum in my mouth, his sperm was warm, and I swallowed it, while he was looking at my face.Our little trip ended very fast, and he promised me this won’t be the last, and he was not joking. We had other interesting experiences all over Europe, so call girls in France the only thing you have to do is to love your job. Kisses.

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