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escortparisgirls.comSweden is seen as a model for European reform on prostitution law. Now also France moved in the same direction, bringing in fines for clients who pay for sex. Swedes think they got it right, but many experts argue that only by regulating the sex trade and bringing it into the open, as has been done in Germany and the Netherlands, will women get the protection they need. One of the main arguments of those who oppose any attempt to criminalise prostitution is that it simply drives the industry underground, putting the sex workers in a more vulnerable position.

The Guardian has published Linda’s experience (ex-escort girl story illustrating one case of sexual exploitation).

Sure there might be a decline, but now the practice is going to be pushed underground, so those vulnerable women now have to deal with other criminal elements in the society. If you really wanna stop the the abuse of women Do what Nevada did. Regulate it. Bring it out from underworld and make sure those women are well regulated and cared for.

“Sex is legal, money is legal. Sex for money is illegal. Unless its in front of a camera… then its legal. The law is simply not going to stop the sex trade.  Thanks to a bunch of soccer moms getting upset (because it “offends” them) about prostitutes, sex workers have no recourse when they are raped or abused. They cant go to the cops without getting into more trouble. There is no regulation so there is no control of STD`s”, some people think.

As the state of Nevada has shown, if you regulate it the system works well and the woman are cared for. Not only that. empirical evidence has shown that the average prostitute in Nevada is likely to have less chance of having an STD than the average soccer mom in Nevada.

You are not going to stop the sex trade with this law. Not even in countries where there is the death penalty for prostitution does it stop.So the best thing to do is make sure we take good care of those in the sex trade.Of course this would require rational thinking… so not expect things to change any time soon.

Academic Jay Levy has recently completed a piece of research  Levels of sex work in Sweden have not reduced, while the law has caused great harm to sex workers, especially the most vulnerable.

Those who view prostitution this way, whether they’re male or female, are actually expressing their generally dim view of a woman’s ability to decide for herself whether she wishes to sell sex for money. In other words they think most women are stupid and incompetent, basically mentally children.Furthermore anyone who calls paying for sex buying another human being must surely view all employment as such.

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