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Are 30 min. “quickies” a thing you should consider?






Are you considering booking Russian escort girl for just 30-minutes quick service, but you don’t know if that’s a good choice for you? In that case, this post will shed some light on this client topic, and hopefully will help you make an educated decision about the “short time” escort services.

When you think of quickies with Russian escort girls, 30 minutes bookings, you also think of a cheap and low-level escort? If that’s so, let me explain the phenomenon: fast dates are somehow associated with a service that is not that high quality, mostly because it can seem rushed and lack the dating experience vibe.






But that is a misconception because just as normal dates come in all sorts of forms, the same can apply to escort dates.

Are all your sexual encounters with your love partner the same, always with long foreplay, romantic music playing in the background, candles on the floor, and sexy lingerie?

No, they aren’t, because sometimes you crave real romance and extended foreplay, while on other occasions you just feel horny and want a quick right there on the kitchen counter or leaning against the dining table, quick, passionate, and full of satisfaction.

So, the same applies to escort dating with Russian escort girl. Sometimes you may be in the mood for the girlfriend experience with beautiful Russian model, while on other occasions you may just want a quick one, with her panties pulled aside and her pressed against the wall. So, why focus on just one type of erotic need and fantasy, by booking only longer dates, when you may just want to enjoy something fast, just this time?

This doesn’t mean you are no longer with a high-end Russian companion or that you buy low cost short services. It only means you are a man, who knows what he wants and can get it now! Why lose a potential hot experience just because today you just want a quickie with luxurious Russian companion?!

Why short bookings, sometimes, are good option for you!

·    You can book multiple times, the money cost is lower

·    You get more choice for yourself to book different escort girls that same day, if you want…

·    Short escort dates are less energy and time consuming for you

·    Quickies are easy because on 30-minute passion dates usually don’t need big planning time

·    Short dates can be used as “sample dates” by you. If you like what you see, you will come back for longer bookings

·    The service offer is cheaper than 1h date

Things to consider if you book a quickie

·    If you book in calls, make sure the place is safe, and in an ok area, this way you separate yourself from the cheap places.

·    Even if you booked for a quickie, that doesn’t mean you should not pay attention to your appearance. Make sure to always smell nice, have a smile on your face and you’re polite.

·    A short escort booking, if done right, can turn you as a client into a regular, so be pleasant, bring your A-game.


Try it out and see if fast dates with Russian escort models, quickies, 30-minute bookings, or however you want to call them, work for you. You may be surprised by how good this move can be for your future escort dating activity.





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